Chick-fil-a employee with cancer is having surgery – Manager’s request to stuff and customers has millions in tears

September 17, 2018 Stories

It’s not a secret that Chick-fil-A has a religious spirit. They even let their employees have time off on Sundays to spend time with their family. So when staff and customers began praying in the middle of the busy restaurant, it wasn’t all that out of the norm.

The event took place at a North Carolina Chick-fil-A when a manager asked staff and customers to join him in prayer for one of the employees that was having surgery for breast cancer.

As he prays, the entire restaurant falls silent and joins him in prayer. They pray for the health of Ms. Trish and the doctors and other hospital workers caring for her.

He speaks of how amazing Ms. Trish is and how they want her back with them because they love her so much. Everyone in the restaurant can be heard saying “amen” when the prayer comes to a close.

While the food at Chic-fil-A may be good too, this video proves there is a beautiful heart and soul at the center of the brand.

Be sure to check out the video of the event below and lift up a prayer for Ms. Trish.

How was the surgery? According to WJZY-TV, Ms. Trish did, indeed, come through her surgery and is on the mend.

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