When This Chatty Cockatoo Sees His Leash Come Out, He Lets His Owner Know Exactly How He Feels

November 6, 2017 Other


We don’t typically think of birds as trainable animals. Maybe it’s because they don’t look as cuddly as the usual pet, or perhaps it’s their tendency to flit from spot to spot when we get too close that makes us overlook them as companions. Attempting to get a bird to stand still while teaching it a trick sounds close to impossible, but, surprisingly, it’s not as difficult as you might imagine.

Birds are actually very smart animals and they are more than capable of learning a behavior. Though it takes a lot of patience, teaching them to sit still and even to go for walks isn’t out of the question.

Eric the cockatoo is one smart bird. One of his favorite things to do is go for walks with his owner, though when he isn’t in the mood to go out, he lets his people know it in a shocking way…

Eric the foul-mouthed cockatoo is a trained bird, and he knows more than you may think he does…

One of his favorite activities is to go for walks.

But Eric can be a bit stubborn at times. Just watch his reaction to his owner trying to put his harness on!<
I definitely didn’t expect to hear Eric talk back like that. Maybe he’s been watching too much HBO?

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