Here is your chance to meet the only rarest pitbull in the world.

September 4, 2017 Dogs

When you first look at this animal you make think it is a cheetah. This dog is so rare he is the only one of his kind. This it Titus the pitbull.
Titus is not like any other dog. He is very rare. He is so rare he is the only one of his kind.
Titus is a dog that has making like a Cheetah.

Titus found fame a couple of weeks ago when he picture hit the internet.

Dogs with the markings of a cheetah are not common but they do exist.
There is a specific mutations that dogs breeds have that give them the appearance of a cheetah markings.
This type of mutation may not always be natural.
There are different ways to give a dog the appearance of a cheetah.
Some people can use different computer programs to make their dog look like Titus. They may use non toxic temporary ink to the dog to get these markers.
Titus looks like he is sitting on a table at the groomers/
There are a number of rare dog breeds that have an unusual look to them.

Sahara dachshund is another unusual looking dog.