Cat stuck on tall tree for 9 days meows for help, until an angel comes to her rescue…

May 9, 2018 Pets


A kitten had been trapped insidea tree of Buffalo, NYover a weekago. Alicethecat, got out ofthe house whilethe family were lettingthe dogs inside.

Alice climbed upatree and couldn’t find her way back down.

Jessica, her boyfriend,and among other relatives, tried everything they could to try and ease her down the tree. The family found a ladder, but they needed someone who could actually ascend up the tree and retrieve her.

After nine days of trying to acquire assistance from local organizations including Animal Control and the Fire Department. The boyfriend’s mother reached out to social media. There she found an acquaintance named Tristian Lam bright. He saw the post and quickly came to the family’s aid.

Ten minutes later,he retrieved the kitten and brought her down to safety. Once the kitten was able to touch the ground she began to purr.
Although she has lost some weight during this ordeal, she was in high spirits.