Cat Keeps Begging and Pawing at Window But No One Noticed Her – Until One Woman Finally Stopped

May 11, 2018 Pets

Cats can really love. They give everything – their trust, friendship, and all the tricks and cute jumps and cuddles to their humans. They’re intelligent little beings who understand love. But sometimes, fate isn’t so forgiving.

Take the example of this little feline in the video. She used to live with her owner. She loved her human to bits. Were she to be put in a human context, she couldn’t have done anything for her human. However, stuff happened and her human passed away. This little thing was left with no one to take care of her. She had to live in a shelter home. Even more disheartening was the fact that she was now old and no one wanted her anymore.

She would spend her days looking out from the cages waiting for something to notice her. She even tried to grab people’s attention by scratching at the windows and putting on a facial expression. Still, no one was interested in her because of her age. But then someone did!

Someone showed up at the shelter one day, and it was total love at first glance. She’s home now! Watch the video and fall in love.
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