Cat Figures Out Hilarious Way to Tell Owner She’s Tired And It Has Everyone in Fits of Laughter

January 9, 2018 Pets

We all know cats can be weird. Once started, it’s hard not to sit back in constant amazement as we watch some of the antics cats dream up without any help from humans.
They’re loveable fluffy balls of furry sass that most of us find irresistible but down inside, we sometimes wonder if these little charmers aren’t actually a furry casing that secretly houses a host of minuscule aliens from a distant planet. Sometimes that seems to be the only explanation for their erratic behavior and the constantly changing and apparently erratic behavior they display?

Another talent (?) cats have, aside from being weird creatures, is that they’re natural-born manipulators. They appear to be able to observe and learn. This ability usually keeps them safe but keeps their tummies full as well.

The French-Algerian author, Albert Camus wrote that charm is being able to get what you want without having to ask for it.He may have been talking about women, but he could just as easily have been referring to cats. Just move a cat into the house and before long, its charm and quiet perseverance are guaranteed to make it the ruler of the house.

Just let your cat figure out that some particular “bit of business” will make you go, “Awww…” and bend to her every will and whim. You may be sure she’ll let nothing stand in her way as she repeats this little performance time after time, quietly enjoying her power over you while you not only stand helpless but hopelessly innocent of the reality of the situation.

According to one “owner” (we place “owner” in quotes, because cats, being members of the family, we don’t own them any more than we own our children or live-in parents), her cat is able to tell her she’s tired simply by sitting up on her hind legs and begging with her front paws.

The cat may look ridiculous, but she gets what she wants, and that means she wants to be taken to her little bed like a queen and covered with a war, fluffy blanket so she may feel contented and cozy.

In the entire history of cats has a cat ever been born with this knowledge. She simply learns. She looks her human companion in the eye and does her weird little routine over and over until the hapless human has to yield to her seemingly crazy antics.

Source: Silly Cat Has A Really Funny Way Of Telling Her Owner She’s Tired by ViralHog on Rumble