Cat and Dog Starved to Death After Owner Moved Into Boyfriend’s House, Now She Regrets It

December 27, 2017 Stories

In a somewhat surprising ruling, a court in Boynton Beach jailed a 26-year old lady for six months back in May for abandoning her cat and dog. The two pets would later starve to death after the lady, Ashley Alicia, failed to feed them for several months while staying at her boyfriend’s place.

In a court hearing on a Wednesday, Alicia pleaded guilty to unlawful abandonment of her Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix dog named Moose and her grey and white cat, Pablo. The accused was handed a six months jail sentence by Circuit Judge Samantha Schosberg Feuer. The jail term was arrived at by the judge together with Assistant State Attorney Judith Arco and defense attorney Ron Herman. An additional two year probation period was also part of the plea bargain.
A look at the accused past police record shows a history of law evasion. It is evident that police tried contacting her back in May upon receiving cases of a foul smell coming from her apartment. Furthermore, upon her arrest, she pleads guilty to giving the police wrong information regarding her whereabouts. She additionally laid blame on the fact that she lived with her boyfriend in Boca Raton and the apartment was in the hands of one, Austin or Tyler.

However, the authorities did not buy this, and a vet was called in to examine the pets. The results further incriminated her as it was found out that the two pets died of starvation and dehydration.