Bride’s Father Was Killed in The Line of Duty – Loses it When a Stream of Officers Walk Through The Door

November 27, 2017 Stories

We all agree that a wedding is supposed to be the loveliest moment for the families involved. For Mikalya, the day was a little sad because she couldn’t have her dad in attendance. Her dad was killed while on military duty 10 years before her wedding day.

To make up for the deficiency, Mikalya had a bouquet with a medallion with the inscription, “Walk with me, Daddy.” But Mikalya had no idea what some people were planning behind her back!

Things got heated up when a procession of officers walked in during the wedding. They schemed and performed some nice moves before they stepped away to reveal the most striking surprise for the young bride. She cried!

You can’t miss this moment! The surprise was too good, not even the groom, named Dakota, could contain his feelings. This is a must watch!
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Police Officers Surprise Daughter of Fallen Colleague on Weddi…

Police officers surprise the daughter of a fallen officer with a heartfelt, special dance in his honor on her wedding day. "I told every single one of them I loved them and how much it meant to me for them to be there for me."

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