Bride Turns to Her Autistic Brother And Asks Him To Sing — His 1st Note of Disney Classic Has Everyone In Tears

January 5, 2018 Stories

Finding someone who loves you is not as easy as finding someone who loves your family the way they love you.

Jen Santamaria knew the only way her wedding would be complete is if her autistic big brother, Jesse Marcuswas, would perfrom a special song. As she planned her wedding she knew her brother, who had limited speech, would love to sing and perform at her wedding. Marcuswas, despite his limited speech, practiced the song “Can you Feel The Love Tonight” by Elton John, for 6 months prior to the ceremony. His efforts to perform a perfect rendition bore fruit because his performance was outstanding.

Jen said she searched for a partner who would lover her brother the same way she did. Her new husband, also called Jesse, met the criteria and the family is ecstatic to welcome Jesse (the brother) into the fold. Jen actually mentioned her brother in her vows to her husband.

Watch as the 32 year-old autistic brother of the bride gives an emotional rendition of Elton John’s song. During the performance, you could see tears in the eyes of the audience.

The November 18th video footage from the wedding shows Jesse performing in front of 130 guests while the bride and groom (Santamaria and Jesse) hold hands on the beach.

Jen says his brother was pleased with himself after the performance, and he could be seen eating and dancing with friends and family during the reception. It was definitely a heartwarming event!

Source: Bride Asks Autistic Brother To Sing — His Sweet Disney Song Has Everyone In Tears by rumblestaff on Rumble