Boy with down syndrome has no idea military dad is home, Then he feels a tap..

February 25, 2018 Videos

Any sane citizen will want to see our military servicemen and women respected. We’re forever indebted to their sacrifice in defending our society. That’s why it’s always a great moment for friends and family when one of their own returns home from deployment. Leave it to these sharp troops to pull some brilliant surprises on their loved ones!

In this video, you get to witness what this guy did to his two kids at school. Tech Sgt John Grieten spent a cool 6 months in deployment in South West Asia, and then it came time for him to show up and reunite with his family. However, he wanted to do it in his own style, and what better plan than to show up where he was least expected? At school!

So the guy wears his military uniform and shows up at his son’s school. The son, 15-year-old Joshua who suffers from Down’s Syndrome, had no idea what was about to happen, until someone gave him a tap. Next? You need to see this! And then he went ahead to pull another one on his daughter. Wow!
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