Boy on the right gives girl kiss during talent sketch- Her comeback has entire crowd in stitches

September 17, 2018 Stories

Millions of American youths have been heading back to school in the past few weeks. This means that their days have been filled with getting used to being in the classroom again and with catching up with their old friends.

Many students are also already thinking about what they plan to perform at their school talent shows. As people are getting back in the mood for these performances, a clip has resurfaced showing seven students from Apollo High School get together for a talent show skit that has gone viral. These kids may be young, but they’ve shown people all over the world how amazing talent shows can really be!

The video begins with five of the seven performers sitting down in a “movie theater” aisle for a screening of Lion King. As the movie starts, the spotlight follows a lovey-dovey couple as they approach the aisle. Since there aren’t any seats left next to each other, the couple is forced to each sit on opposite sides of the row.

However, this does not stop the boyfriend from coming up with a clever way to show affection to his date, even though they are separated by five focused movie-goers! He wasn’t about to let this separation ruin his special date!

As the movie continues, the boy decides to “pass along” classic dating moves from one end of the row to the other. Luckily for him, the movie-goers in between him and his date were happy to help him out!

The rest of the school roared with laughter as the seven students performed, as their classmates were stunned by how humorously creative the skit was! Check out the hilarious sketch for yourself below!

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