Baseball mascot keeps taunting a security guard – Moments later, he ends up getting completely served

April 25, 2018 Other


Security guards’ mission is not easy at all, they have to keep the place safe and prevent prevent risks or violence during the event. So it’s always best to not disturb them and let them do their job right. Especially when we talk about an event where thousands of people are present like a baseball game.

However, there’s always that odd person who insists on annoying people. Orbit, the lime-green space alien who represents the Houston Astros baseball team as a mascot wanted to give a good laugh to the crowd by hounding the security guard.

So during a break between innings, Orbit decided to taunt a nearby security guard. The song “Slave To The Rhythm” by Michael Jackson was heard in the whole stadium, so as you can imagine, there were some serious hip thrusts and struts around the field.

The security guard is there only to do his job, but he looked pretty annoyed by the mascot’s moves. He can’t focus on supervising the safety. But then….

The security guard dance battle is a go!

After resisting a lot to the song and the mascot’s dance moves, the security guy let his guard down and busted some serious moves to challenge the alien, Shimmying and shaking, busting iconic MJ dance moves and even a few splits and cartwheels for good measure. This is something you won’t see everyday.

Check out the hilarious dance battle between these two in the video below:
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