Autistic boy stands alone in the middle of grocery store. Shoppers can’t believe it upon hearing his unexpected voice

January 5, 2018 Stories

When you go out shopping, you can hear or witness the darnedest things! That’s what happened at one grocery store when a young boy stunned everyone around him.

As shoppers were running their errands and walking through different sections, they noticed a little boy standing alone looking like he’s preparing himself for something. They had no idea he will surprise them with an impromptu performance they will remember for a very long time.

The boy, named Calum Courtney, is 10 years old and has autism, but this didn’t stop him from showing his incredible singing skills to everyone. He loves music and his loves light up through his vocals.

Though his small age, he is not shy to sing in a public place. When he stepped out in the middle of the supermarket, he was determined to attract attention from shoppers with his talent.

He hadn’t no microphone, introduction or stage, he just stood out there bravely, and started singing. This heartwarming moment caught all shoppers by surprise. Those who watched him from his first note were touched by his confidence and talent.

The footage of him incredibly singing has spread like wildfire. Calum’s courage to step outside his comfort zone paid off and in a very good way. Millions of people admired his performance that made their day.

We are pretty sure he will be something big in the future, This 10-year-old boy will blow you away when you see how he steps up and sings – just because that’s what he loves to do.
Watch the video below to see Calum’s supermarket performance of “Who’s Lovin’ You!”