Animal Rescuer Sits Inside A Cage With Terrified Dog – No One Expected The Outcome Next Morning

February 12, 2018 Dogs

Man has different sources of food depending on preference, culture and geographical location. The dog was domesticated to provide security and companion to man but now it is considered as a source of food in some countries especially in Southeast Asia. However, some people have tried to sensitize people about dog meat by saving caged dogs and trying to enlighten people why they should not eat dogs. One such group is The South of Animals. This group has been trying to set free caged dogs in the areas affected.

scared dog
A while back, The South of Animals visited a slaughterhouse in Siem Reap, Cambodia where they saved more than one hundred dogs. Siem Reap is well known for selling dog meat to traders and even tourists who visit the country. One of the reason why there is a lot of dogs are slaughtered in Cambodia is because it is not illegal to kill dogs and sell dog meat. Therefore, the group that was trying to save the dogs could not be able to do it legally because they had an owner. To do it legally, they had to approach the owner and negotiate for the release of the dogs by paying the exact amount of money as the meat the dogs would have.

scared dog
Most dogs that are saved from slaughterhouses are usually frozen in fear and confusion because they have witnessed other dogs being dragged out of the cages using a noose and then killed. On the other hand, other dogs tend to be very anxious and volatile as a way of protecting themselves after witnessing cruelty.

Since The South of Animals could only be able to negotiate for the release of some dogs and not all of them, they left others behind to be slaughtered! However, they were able to take the saved dogs to the Sound of Animals center in Thailand to be nursed. The center has professionals who have witnessed similar cases before and can be able to calm the volatile dogs while providing necessary treatment to those who need it. Although slaughtering and selling dog meat in some countries is legal, as a society we should try to abolish it because it is cruel and unfair to the dogs.

scared dog