Adorable Pom Plays The Piano With Her Owner

September 9, 2017 Dogs

Shila the Pom is one of the cutest pups you have ever seen. She is so fluffy and adorable, you will wish she was yours! As her owner sits and plays the piano, Shila is right on key, waiting for her turn to hit the keys just at the right time. As you watch the video, it almost looks as if she is reading the music so she knows when to cut in.

This video brings smiles to everyone who sees it and it will surely brighten your day. Who wouldn’t love watching a fluffy Pom play the piano? This video simply has adorable written all over it! This video is so short and sweet, you may just want to hit that replay button a few times because you will not be able to get enough of Shila! Watch this truly lovable pooch in action and do not forget to Please SHARE on Facebook.