They abused her so much that she was too scared to look at her rescuers.

November 16, 2017 Dogs

Animal abuse renders most dogs distrustful of people, including the good ones with genuine intentions. Greyhound mix Angel did not only find it difficult to trust again, but also refused to even look at any human. She just stared at the wall and won’t budge when there are humans in her surroundings. Despite being given food and water, she would only eat when nobody’s looking.

PAWS Animal Rescue thinks the dog was abused and traumatized, which would typically leave the animal with long-term psychological issues.

She was also suffering from mange and dealing with the discomfort of the condition. The wall-staring went on for days on end, until the organization’s efforts in nurturing Angel led to bringing in another dog from the same pound.

The dog named Cliff whom they assumed was her brother, was key to Angel’s transformation. Six months later, she’s a completely changed dog and happily lives every day in her new home.