Abandoned Puppy Gets The Opportunity To Meet Her Savior

September 10, 2017 Dogs

In the clip below, you will meet a puppy who was elated upon meeting her savior.

Chunkie, the puppy, met with Mike Thawley for the second time. Mike is a firefighter at the Fat Fire Station 14, Sacramento in California. It was Mike that saved Chunkie. The poor puppy was tied and left in the rain. Mike took the puppy in after no one claimed ownership.

Mike cleaned Chunkie before taking her to the shelter. At the Front Street Animal Shelter, Chunkie received medical attention. The puppy was suffering from mange. The puppy got a new set of warm clothes that protected her skin.

In the clip, the little canine appears happy in the rescue shelter. She made good friends with Mike. It appears she was missing Mike terribly.

When Mike went to see her the following day in the shelter, the dog was joyful, to say the least. What a memorable moment for the two buddies.

Mike is thinking of adopting the little canine. Chunkie is one lucky dog.

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