94-year-old veteran approached school girl, worried mom learns his lifelong secret

September 14, 2019 Stories

Gina Michelle drops her daughter off at school every day but recently learned about a “cute little old man” who she talks to before entering the building. So the curious mom drove by and saw the 94-year-old in action.

This is what Gina wrote about the photo:

“Ya’ll know I am all about encouragement! This takes it up a notch!

Today when I was taking Audrey to school we were early so instead of dropping her off at the corner like I usually do I took her to the parent drop off.

When we pulled in to the school she said: ‘Oh no! I forgot I like you dropping me off at the corner so I can talk to the cute, little old man and today I would have had more time!’

‘Who’s the cute little old man?’ I asked.

‘He stands at the steps where you drop me off and encourages all the students as they walk in. He talks about kindness and gives us advice and fist bumps! It’s the best part of the day!’

So when I drove by I saw him and my heart literally burst. This is exactly the kind of love and support our middle schoolers need.

This man stands out side the school every day and gives the gift of encouragement to every student that comes near him.

This is what I saw this morning. I was like lucky enough to catch one of his infamous fist bumps!

I strive to be like this guy as much as possible, we all should.

My day has officially been made!”

We need more kind-hearted citizens in the world like Wally. This sort of encouragement will surely shape these children into becoming better human beings.

Do you know somebody as kind and inspirational as Wally?