91 Yr Old Has Been To 200 Bruce Springsteen Shows. When She FINALLY Gets To Dance With Him? Aww!

November 22, 2017 Other

Bruce Springsteen is a legendary artist. I am sure you have heard at least one song from this fabulous guy. He has given us a lot of hits over the years and he has managed to leave quite a mark on the musical scene. Bruce is not only known for his musical talents, but also for his showmanship and his wonderful personality.

He has a lot of fans all over the world. They come from different kinds of backgrounds and are all different to each other. One of these super-fans is featured below. Jeannie Heintz is 91 years old, but she loves Bruce with all her heart. She has been to over 200 shows by Bruce, and during a show in St. Paul, Minnesota, she got a chance to dance onstage with the man himself!

Watch this heartwarming video below! Did this make you smile? Let us know in the comments section!