9-month-old twins share sink for bath. But baby on left’s funny antics leaves sibling in fits of laughter

January 1, 2018 Other

It’s been long argued that twins can almost connect with each other mentally. You’ve probably witnessed a situation where one finishes the other’s sentences. However, you haven’t quite witnessed anything like what you’re about to run into here. Get set!

In the clip here, you see two kids in the bathtubs. These two are all set to take a nice warm bath. They even have their bodies covered with soapy foam. But it seems that one of them isn’t just about bathing. He’s clearly up to something else. So how about a good play with the foams and the water? Splash it!

Watch as the kid goes about the business of enjoying himself in the water. While at it, his twin brother can’t help but break down in laughter. The kid is so impressed by his twin’s antics that he ends up cracking up really good. This can’t be stopped!
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