85-Year-Old Salsa Star Paddy Gets David’s Golden Buzzer On BGT: The Champions

October 9, 2019 Other

In a very special edition of Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions show, which only features contestants with great success in previous seasons of talent, this time again, the 85-year-old dancer stole whole attention once again!

With her performance, she proved that years are just a number and that we can always do what we enjoy most in life!

Britain’s Got Talent, Youtube
The 85-year-old Paddy, along with her dance partner Nicko, lifted everyone to their feet in Wembley Arena as she staged a breathtaking dance performance one again. With it, she proved that books should never be judged by covers!

The 48-year-old judge David Walliams was most impressed with the grandmother’s dance performance – so much that he pushed the Golden Buzzer for lovely dance couple!

Take a look at the crazy dance performance of 85-year-old grandmother Paddy, where you will be left speechless. Hats down for such talent – feel free to share the performance with your friends too!