81-Year-Old Grandmother Fights Off Female Thief At Cash Machine

December 19, 2019 Cool

Surveillance cameras filmed an unusual scene in a small town in the UK when a grandmother was attacked by a female thief near an ATM.

The attempted robbery took place in broad daylight, and the grandmother in the video impressed many online with her brave move!

81-year-old grandmother Doreen was trying to take money at an ATM when she was approached by a cheeky thief who tried to get her money. The grandmother stand for herself and let the thief know that her hard-earned money will never be stolen in that way.

In a media interview, the grandmother said what she thought at the time of the attempted robbery: “Oh no! You won’t take my money. I worked too hard for it.”

Look at the scene captured in a small town in the UK, when a daring thief tried to steal a fearless 81-year-old grandmother.