74-Year-Old Woman Gets Hip Makeover And Cuts Years From Her Appearance

November 6, 2019 Stories

In a world of Kim Kardashians, we want to feel comfortable and confident in our own skin more than ever before. Not only do both men and women want to feel attractive, but they often want to keep their youthful appearance for as long as humanly possible.

For 74-year-old Bonnie from Naples, Florida, that’s exactly how she felt. While she’s blessed to be healthy at the age she is now, as well as to have all the wisdom she’s developed over her adult life, she grew tired of her current appearance. Many would argue that Bonnie already had awesome makeup skills and great brows, but for her, her current appearance just wasn’t cutting it. That’s when the spunky senior traveled all the way to Minneapolis, Minnesota for an appointment with makeover specialist, Christopher Hopkins.

Upon entering the Minnesota studio, Bonnie mentioned what her goals for the makeover were and why she was there. She mentioned that she was most eager to get a new hairstyle. Her below-the-ear-length, slightly-wavy hair no longer met the criteria of what she wanted for herself. “I’m always changing,” she admitted, as we all are.

Another good reason Bonnie wanted a makeover so badly was that her lively, young personality didn’t suit the age she appeared externally. “I’m 74, and…I feel maybe 50.”

Clearly, Bonnie wanted a fresh, new appearance that would communicate to others what her mental age was versus her physical age, so to give her what she wanted, Hopkins got straight to work!

By the end of the makeover, Bonnie was cheesing the biggest grin. Her makeover specialist gave her a shorter ‘do that swept to one side, which gave her hair volume and movement. He also added a nice, black liner and a subtle sweep of marasca to her eyes to give them a more youthful appearance while also helping her beautiful, blue eyes to pop. With the addition of dark pink lip gloss, Bonnie was looking livelier than ever before! And to top it off, Hopkins hooked her up with face products that not only helped mask many of her wrinkles but gave her face a thinner shape.

Hopkins, also known as the Makeover Guy, did an excellent job in helping yet again another client gain confidence.

According to another woman, “This is an example of how a simple haircut can totally change a person! Nice makeover!”

See how Bonnie glows after her makeover with Hopkins in the following video. She looks as stunning as she sounds!

Source: Metaspoon