6-yr-old boy with autism left in tears at Thanksgiving play after teacher snatches microphone away from him

November 21, 2019 Stories

Children are little sensitive creatures. As parents, we should prepare them to face the real world with education and discipline, but also with love and compassion.

Children with special needs are the most vulnerable. That’s why they require extra attention, teaching, care – and love!

The morning of the Nutter Fort Primary School’s Thanksgiving performance in Harrison County, West Virginia, not a single staff member could have anticipated the level of attention their tiny performance would receive from millions of individuals around the globe

One mother named, Amanda Riddle  was excited to see her 6-year-old son Caleb perform at the school’s Thanksgiving play.

However, as Caleb, who is mildly autistic, approached the mic toward the end of the play to say something, a teacher snatched it away.

The boy’s reaction is rather heartbreaking: He simply cries out “Oh no!” and is left sobbing by the empty mic stand.

“She just went and snatched the microphone from him,” mother Amanda said, adding that he was playing the Thanksgiving turkey. “My heart broke, to watch that.”

While mother Amanda is outraged, the school has responded by saying that their staff and teachers truly care about their students.

According to the school, Caleb had already delivered his part in the play and a second ‘line’ was not planned. The line in question? Caleb simply wanted to say “gobble gobble gobble.”

Parents everywhere have expressed outrage at this teacher’s brash behavior and appear to whole heartedly agree with mother Amanda:

“What would it have hurt to give him a few extra seconds to say ‘gobble gobble’?” the tearful mother asked.

Amanda later posted a video of the incident, which you can see below:

The footage has gone viral on social media with many viewers criticising the behaviour of the teacher and her apparent lack of autism awareness.

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