5-year-old performs angelic rendition of “Peace in Christ”, daddy joins in and melts everyone’s heart

April 12, 2018 Other

Claire Ryann, 5-year-old impressed the world not only with her adorable looks but also with her incredible voice. If you hadn’t the chance to hear her sing before, we present you with one of her amazing performances in the video below. Her breathtaking voice and her cute presence made her an internet sensation. She released many songs most of them are about her favorite Disney characters. but this time, Claire and her dad chose to honor their faith in God.

Along with the calming voice of her father and the stunning springtime background, Claire is showing off her impressing voice vocals while wandering around a local park. The little family doesn’t need professional cameras to show their love for God, Their love and faith are enough. Claire understands what’s the meaning and importance of this special song and was determined to do it justice. Sure enough, her cover of “Peace in Christ” was absolutely flawless and quickly went viral online. The five-year-old managed to garner nearly half a million views in less than one week!

I’m sure that you fell in love with this sweet talented little girl, her passion for music and her love for God are so perfectly displayed in her rendition you’ll probably repeat the video over and over again and maybe become one of her fans. Luckily, Claire has good parents by her side who make sure fame doesn’t overwhelm their little girl. Listen to this breathtaking performance of “Peace in Christ” for yourself in the video here. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for this little lady — and if this video is any indication, it’s going to be a future filled with love, faith and happiness!

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