5 Shields To Protect Your Good Vibe

June 5, 2017 Videos

There are two people in the world, a person who is highly sensitive to energies that exist around us and those who, as it seems, have been numb to such sensation. There are different energetic frequencies that we may come across with, they are: high, middle ground and low level energies. People who are highly sensitive to such things are easily affected by such energies. For example, coming across a negative energy or vibe may entrap you causing you some sort of depression, or feelings like being petrified or anxious around that person. It may become a hindrance for constant communication with people if you let yourself be easily affected by such energy but learning how to protect your internal being is one thing you should learn. This way, you not only strengthen emotions but also take control of your inner self and have better ways of dealing with different forms of energetic frequencies.

Vamp Up Your Gear With Action

Make sure you are busy with things that you enjoy doing. Why? It helps you get in sync with both your body and mind. Doing things that make you feel good allows your body to produce your ‘Happy Hormone’ called ‘Endorphin’. So hit the gym or engage in highly active activities that make you feel good.

Rejection Is Affection

You don’t have to be a pushover all the time, don’t always concede to others’ favors and end up on the end of being depreciated for the things you’ve done. Learn how to say ‘no’ from time to time and give yourself the benefit of being the top priority on your list for once.
Learn how to reject other people, go straight up to the mirror and give yourself a courageous look while saying ‘No’ each time getting louder and stronger and with more conviction than the last. It’s a way for you to make yourself feel better and to help your friend learn for themselves as well.

Build A Sense Of Pride

Confront the source of negative vibes with an authoritative feel. Build strength within yourself as if you’re facing a battlefield. Exercise your inner self to always be ready to ‘battle with the forces of evil’. Once you’ve revived up your good vibes and learned how to say ‘no’, you’re quite ready to face the enemy like a freshly trained knight ready to protect your maiden, your heart.

Synchronize With Your Inner Vibes

Once affected by such negative energy, pull yourself to a peaceful place where you can breathe things out. Grab your earphones and take a stroll. Grab your gym bag and do some exercise. Or even, take your dog and play with the Frisbee. Give yourself a sense of calm and turn up the music by doing lively things again. In other words, after breathing out the negative energy you absorbed, vamp up your game once again.

Spread The Love

When dealing with negative energy, the option ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ should never cross your mind. If you can’t beat them, hit the training ground again and beat them the next time around. Spread your positive energy to everyone you come across with, don’t allow a person to wallow in such darkness if you know that they themselves are giving themselves such negativity. Spread some love, do good works when you can, something as simple as picking things up for a pregnant woman, helping a stranger grab a cab or something as simple as being thankful for every little thing that happens to you.

In order to shield yourself from such vibes, learn how to strengthen your barracks first. Don’t confront a fort with only one sword but with an army of rainbows that can tear the negative energy down completely. Destroy and conquer and be happy in doing it, it’s your battlefield to win.



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