41-yr-old woman is tried of hiding her grey hair – gets extreme haircut that completely transforms her look

January 29, 2019 Stories

As we gets older, almost everything changes for us. We see life clearer, we get wiser, we appreciate every moment with family and friends.

That’s why 41-year-old Kerry Grundhoefer decided to do a big change to herself. She chose the celebrity hairstylist, ” The Makeover Guy” Christopher Hopkins. Thanks to him, Kerry was finally able to forget about her old locks and give herself again a radiant, natural look.

Kerry used to hide her grey hair by applying constantly strong dies and damaging treatments. Eventually, her hair became fragile and sensitive to certain products. That’s when she decided to just be herself but with a new fresh natural look.

She came asking for Christopher’s help. Christopher is the one of the best in this business. His jaw-dropping makeovers had the world admiring his talents and skills. And you’re about to be stunned again in this one.

When Kerry got ready and sat down in Christopher’s chair, she asked Christopher to cut her hair short. She wanted to surprise her loved ones, especially her husband, with a look that reflects her: a woman who is free-spirited and loves life..

She was sure her hubby would support her no matter the choice she makes with her hair. So Kerry chose to go with a super short cut!

Swiftly, Christopher pulled Kerry’ hair above her head and grabbed his shears to cut off a fairly large chunk. She was a bit nervous when she saw Christopher holding a fist of her hair in his hand, but she had no doubt that Christopher will give her the look she wanted so bad. Christopher knew exactly what’s in Kerry’s mind and gave her the haircut makeover of a lifetime.

Kerry couldn’t help but tearing up when her new look was finally revealed, Her husband got emotional too upon seeing her gorgeous wife with the new haircut. Christopher made her feel amazing and confident in herself again, Her grey hair won’t annoy her again with this stunning cut. We should all be as confident as Kerry is now!

Take a peek at Kerry’s stunning transformation from beginning to end by watching the video below. Kerry looks stunning as ever!!

This stunning makeover proves that we deserve to feel beautiful and confident in ourselves no matter time passes by in our lives. Get out, enjoy life and don’t waste time thinking about how others perceive you. Be grateful to see some grey hairs appearing, many people never get that chance!

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