4-Year-old twins take ice to perform “The Nutcracker” – leave audience speechless with insane skating skills

March 8, 2019 Stories

“The Nutcracker” is arguably the most famous Christmas ballet of all time, and millions of people enjoy seeing it performed over the holiday season each year. While many of us have seen “The Nutcracker” performed onstage, few have seen it performed on ice, and an even smaller number than that have seen it performed on ice by 4 year-old twins!
A 2008 video has recently resurfaced showing twins Katarina and Dakota DelCamp take the ice to perform a dance from “The Nutcracker.” While most adults would have trouble even keeping their balance on the ice, these two can do a whole lot more than that. These adorable twins are just four years old, but they already had moves nailed that take most people years to figure out, if they ever can!

It’s clear from this video that these talented twins have many years of great skating ahead of them. If they were this coordinated on ice at 4, imagine how good they are now?!

The twins have grown up quite a bit since this video was shot, and Katarina has even been invited to join the United States Figure Skating Team! After seeing how talented she was when she was 4 in this video, news of this invitation should come as no surprise.

This video serves as a reminder that putting your child into an activity like skating for fun when they are young can sometimes lead to pure magic! Check out the twins’ moves for yourself below!
Today, the skaters are almost 14 years old.

Dakota became an ice hockey player, and Katarina has been qualified as a juvenile level figure skater to represent the Southwest at the Midwestern Sectional Championships.

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