3-Yr-Old Girl Sees Giant Python by Her Window, Now Keep Your Eyes On Her Right Hand

October 24, 2017 Videos

If you are scared of snakes then you probably don’t want to watch this next video! But if you are a reptile lover then you really want to see what happens next! As you will soon learn, there is a little girl in the video and she is playing with her favorite pet. But this child’s pet is not a furry dog or a fluffy cat but instead a very large python.
This 8-foot snake is sitting in a window and appears to be looking directly at his owner. The girl doesn’t seem afraid of the snake and instead is having a great time! The snake seems to really love the child and he appears to give her a warm hug. While this can’t be confirmed it sure does look sweet. If you found this video fascinating please make sure that you share it with everyone that you know. While some may be freaked out, others will really get a kick out of it.