3-year-old girl meets her newborn sister for 1st time – immediately falls in love with her

November 28, 2019 Stories

When I met my baby sister for the first time, I was both nervous and excited to see her. I wasn’t jealous or mad about it. I was just fascinated because I always wanted to have a little sister.

3-year-old Molly of Wynnewood, Pennsylvania is one of the children that were excited to meet their baby sibling. Her mom, Heather Conley, has just given birth to a baby girl whom she named Cora. Heather didn’t know exactly what to expect when Molly meet her baby sister, but she was in a heartwarming surprise when Molly held Cora for the first time in the hospital. You’ve got to see this!

In a precious video, we see Molly’s face light up as she snuggles the newborn. She’s so excited that Heather has to warn her to “be gentle,” but Molly simply can’t keep herself from hugging and caressing the little one every few seconds.

“You just came out of Mommy’s belly,” she marvels to Cora. “I won’t let you go anymore.”

And the love just keeps coming! “You’re so cute,” Molly tells Cora as she showers her with kisses and careful pats.

We suspect this is one of Heather’s new proudest moments as a mom. “I just got that on video,” she says, obviously left in awe by her daughters’ sweet encounter. To think she didn’t know how Molly would react!

Our hearts just can’t handle this level of adorableness! Cora is lucky to have such a sweetheart looking after her and keeping her safe! As these two get older, they’re sure to look back on this precious moment and smile knowingly. Congratulations to the entire Conley family on their beautiful new addition!

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