3 Old Men Shuffle Onstage – But When They Turn Around, The Quiet Crowd Instantly Goes Wild

March 13, 2018 Other


I love to watch funny performances, they lift up my mood whenever I feel sad. But this performance tops them all, especially when you see who’s performing it..I absolutely love it!

The video below is simply amazing. And I’m not the only one to say this – more than 11 million people have broken out in smiles when watching this brilliant show!

This happened at a Californian retirement home, the audience is waiting for 3 senior gentlemen. That day, anyone was free to give a performance – and these men are ready for something very special!

Finally, the 3 men appear from behind the curtain, they slowly walk onto stage while dramatic music playing on the background. They step bent-over with aching backs (well, that’s what the viewers are supposed to believe), but there’s something incredible is about to happen with these gentlemen with matching clothes: white t-shirts, black pants, white socks and black shoes.

Then they hardly lift their legs and turn their back to the expectant crowd.

Suddenly, music changes – and the show completely transforms. Stunned, the crowd goes instantly wild, cheering, applauding and certainly laughing. This is some impressive stuff, they really must have put in a lot of effort to learn this routine!

Take a peek at the video and laugh! Like I said, the show has a slow start, but it’s definitely worth watching until the end! These fellows are living proof that age is just a number!
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