250 Amish men lift barn with their bare hands and move it 150 feet across a farm in one piece

December 3, 2019 Other

Many people are familiar with the phenomenon of the Amish barn-raising when dozens of Amish people get together to build a barn in a single day.

The Amish are a religious group in the U.S who are still thriving and holding to their traditions in the face of modern society. The Amish men are also known for their incredible building technique. The barn raising is an event that fulfills a practical need and also serves to tie the Amish community together, reinforcing Amish society through a very visible expression of the principle of mutual aid.

While the men do the heavy labor involved with constructing the building, the women prepare a feast that will serve as a celebration when the work has been completed. Less familiar is the sight of a barn being moved, but this is just what occurred at Hochstetler’s Farm this year, as reported in The Daily Mail.

The barn didn’t have far to go – just about 150 feet – but it was still a massive undertaking for a group of people who don’t believe in using modern farming equipment. Mr. Hochstetler seems to be a well-loved man because more than 200 fellas showed up in their buggies to help him get his barn to where it needed to be.

With so many hands on deck, the job only took a few minutes, and the barn arrived in its new location in perfect condition. Definitely a reason for jubilation!

If you’ve never seen a barn being moved by hand before, it is well for a few minutes of your time to watch the video of this event. While it’s certainly not unheard of to move a barn in this manner, it’s rare that such a large group of people is able to assemble to get the job done.

This video truly shows the value of teamwork and demonstrates that old-fashioned methods can still prove very effective in this contemporary world. Remind your friends and family about people power.