24 ballerinas form a perfect line. Moment they split their formation, audience is dazzled by sensational routine

April 8, 2018 Other

In the heat of the current times, some of the most dazzling traditional music performances get lost in the craze of the contemporary music. Reality shows are full of the current-world performances. In fact, it’s very rare to come across a traditional performance in these competitions. Well, that’s been the case, until these guys showed up!

So we’re at the Lincoln Center in NYC, where there’s this gala, “Stars of Today Meet Stars of Tomorrow,” is going on. Now, there’s also this cool dance group from the Atlanta Professional Dance Academy, and they’re into this with full throttle. These guys are about to bring down the house!

The group decided to wow the audience with their cool performance of a Chinese traditional dance routing called “Jasmine.” The fact that these people could choreograph such a great routine so well and with so good timing and section performance is stunning, if not outright mesmerizing. I’m impressed!

Take a peek for yourself in the video here. Even by looking at this performance on its own, it’s easy to see that this group is going places!
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