2-Year-Old Child Prodigy Drummer Stuns Everyone On Spain’s Got Talent

October 18, 2019 Other

A two-year-old boy captured the word in an instant at one of the past auditions on Spain’s Got Talent.

He impressed all the judges in the hall with his exceptional drumming talent, and thanks to the video he also excited many music lovers around the world.

Hugo Molina looks like any 2-year-old, but he has a tremendous musical talent. He plays drums, and his skills can be compared to much older children. He stepped on the stage of Spain’s Got Talent together with his father at a previous audition, then showed the judges his exceptional skills.

Got Talent Global, Youtube
Hugo is the youngest competitor in Spanish talent, and before the audition, the show’s hosts even asked the audience to be as quiet as possible so they will not frighten the young Hugo.

At first, his father feared that the toddler would not want to play, but with a tune starting to play in the background, Hugo bravely grabbed the sticks into his hands, then began playing the drums.

He never missed a beat during his performance, which many describe as a sensation. Most 2-year-olds are barely holding crayons in their hands, let alone drum sticks!

Toddler Hugo will continue on in the competition, as he received a “yes” from all the judges. In the end, there were even tears of happiness – a toddler’s play is a real treat for anyone to listen. Feel free to share this performance with friends!