2 women stealing from graves forgot security cameras are rolling. Then cemetery teaches them a lesson

October 7, 2017 Stories

New London, Ohio, is a home to approximately 2300 people. The residents raise their families there and bury them there once they pass away.

However, some people have been doing the unthinkable. The vandals steal mementos, flowers, and vases from the Local Grove Street Cemetery.

One of the residents told Fox 8 it was heartbreaking that someone is disturbing the final resting places of her parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. While it is not the dollar value of the mementos that matters, it is the emotional loss that hurts. One woman says a special flower pot at her father’s headstone went missing.

There is no way of putting a price tag on her loss. However, the local police made a shocking discovery. The security cameras at the cemetery recorded a dark car rolling up to the site. Two females emerge from the car and start picking items from the graves. They later pack them in their cars.

The shadowy figures are seen moving fast as they snatch things around the headstones. It appears like they are “leisurely” shopping. The police identified the culprits and the people were shocked to learn who one of the culprits was.

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