2 men with guitars start singing in a wolf sanctuary. Then a sound behind them sends chills down their spines

April 4, 2018 Other

So Shawn James is a really great folk singer, and now he just did something that’s got the internet roaring. What do you say about a guy who never lets any good chance slip past?

Shawn went to Colorado, and he happened to pop up at the local wolf sanctuary to have himself a good time, and that’s when he and his cool crew got a lifetime chance thrown their way. Now, these guys nodded to the attractive offer of shooting a video at the wolf sanctuary, and not even the chilling cold weather could scare them.

So Shawn chose ‘American Hearts,’ one of A.A Bondy’s lovely songs, and the group got down to business. What happened next has everyone scouring the internet for this cool video. It’s now official, wolves love music, so you might need to master some good lyrics the next time you stroll out into the forest. Incredible!

Take a look at their amazing performance in the video here.
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