17-Year-Old Sings Unexpected 1932 Song, Gets Standing Ovation From Crowd

September 12, 2019 Other

preferences apart. Many people have a specific era in music which they prefer, whether that be the eighties or the early 2000s.

For 17-year-old singer, Daniel Joyner, from the buckle of the Bible Belt in West Tennessee, one of his favorite tunes was first recorded in 1932: “Try A Little Tenderness” by the Ray Noble Orchestra. You can imagine the shock on the audience and the judges’ faces when the teen announced that he’d be singing the oldie-but-goodie during his America’s Got Talent audition

In fact, upon announcing the song he would be singing, one man from the audience says, “No way” in shock that such a young man would have interest in such an old song. Although the tune has been sung by many, including Bing Crosby, it’s not every day that a high schooler is aware of, let alone likes, a song that came out decades before their parents were even born.

At first, Judge Heidi admits that she was a little worried about Joyner’s audition because he seemed very stiff and nervous but that once he started singing, he “felt right at home.” Mel B., Howie Mandel, and Simon Cowell also give their feedback, all telling the young star how great of a singer he is. You bet that Joyner was given four yes’s from the judges to go to the next round! Very well deserved.

“I’ve always loved music as long as I can remember. I would love to perform and to sing in front of an audience for the rest of my life,” Joyner says. With talent like that, there’s no doubt that many musical opportunities will be knocking on his door!

Watch the video below to hear Daniel Joyner’s astonishing America’s Got Talent audition. You won’t regret it!

Source: metaspoon