160 people start by rubbing their hands together. Their next move sends chills down everyone’s spine

June 3, 2019 Stories

The Angel City Chorale, a non-profit community choir, gives back to the society via volunteerism and donations, thanks to their music and entertainment. The Los Angeles-based choir has won the hearts of many people.

The choir performs “Africa” by the famous Rock band, Toto. The group led by Sue Fink performs a rendition of the classing rock that will amuse your ears. At the start, some choir members rub their hands together, and everyone joins in later.

The actions of the choir members mimic the sound of wind blowing through the grass. It is followed by snapping of fingers and thigh slapping. Lights flash as members stamp their feet on the ground.  It is evident the storm is fast approaching.

When the choir members start singing, their melodious voices and innovative performance will melt your heart. It is something you have never seen before.

Watch the mesmerizing performance from the choir. What did you think of their performance? Let us know!

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