13-year-old girl steps on stage. Seconds later, Her emotional rendition of Bocelli classic brings everyone to tears

July 21, 2018 Videos


Little Solomia Lukyanets didn’t show how nervous she was when she stood in front of a crowded audience on Germany’s version of “The Voice.” But when the music started to play she took a quick breath in and started to sing to the very best of her abilities.

As she began to sing Andrea Bocelli’s famous song “Time to Say Goodbye,” the whole audience was instantly enraptured by her powerful presence. As Solomia’s stunning rendition continued, the famous European pop star Lena Meyer-Landru burst into tears and simply couldn’t hold back her emotions, and when you hear little Solomia hit the high note? You’ll see exactly why.

The maturity that this young singer has throughout such an intense song is awe-inspiring. Not only is she capable of dealing with the physical demands of such a powerfully difficult song, but she delivers the emotional intensity required in order to properly convey the message and meaning behind the lyrics of this beautifully inspired piece.

She holds her body straight and powerfully, only raising her hands at the most important moments in a dramatic show of passion, force, raw talent, and emotion. This little girl may still have her braces, but she obviously already has an important career ahead of her.

Listen to her rendition of “Say Goodbye” for yourself by pressing “watch video” below. You’re going to need a box of tissues as well!

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