Over 1,000 People Gathered To Sing Hallelujah.. And It’s Sure To Move Your Soul!

November 29, 2017 Other


They came together with one aim, to sing “Hallelujah.” This awesome hit was first recorded by Leonard Cohen. As they started to fill the old rusty Hearn Generating Station, few people expected that the performance of this large ordinary crowd was going to be as breathtaking as it turned out to be. They number about 1,500 members, led by none other than the talented Rufus Wainright. Some were so much carried away by the performance that as they swayed, they also shed tears of joy and gladness.

The filling was as if they were indeed with God in that very hour, singing before Him in all his majesty. In the past, other artists have covered this beautiful song, they include Jeff Buckley, John Cale, and Allison Crowe, but none of them were as talented as these hundreds of voices filling the Hearn Generating Station. It was nothing short of glorious.

This is one of those moments that makes you realize there is power in numbers when people gather together to do some good. The performance is so amazing that you know for sure that it would not have been so, if only a few people had done it. Have you ever experienced such a performance in your life? Take a moment to watch this awesome video.

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