10-Yr-Old Girl With Autism Delivers Chilling Version of ‘Hallelujah’ That Brings The Audience To Tears

December 18, 2017 Videos

A sweet little girl by the name Kaylee Rogers of Killard House School did what many would think of as an impossibility. The girl hails from England and was previously seen by many as a girl who was limited in her abilities and therefore not so much good was expected of her. She was out to disappoint many who held this view.

She had been diagnosed with ADHD and autism at a very young age. However, when she got on stage to perform a rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” many did not know what to expect. This was especially because of the fact that he was on stage without the lyrics of the song. She surprised many by memorizing the words of the song!

Her voice was what many did not expect. It was quite a powerful voice with so much promise for such a little girl. This is what moved members of that audience to tears. It is also sure to make anyone who watches shed a tear by the power of emotions that are stirred by anyone who gets to watch. Are you ready?
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